Board Sales and Defects
From January 6, 2022, the purchase of boards will be available without time limit until stock is exhausted. The first generation boards will be available and will be identical to the pre-sale boards in terms of price, only their defects will be changed:
We introduce the defect system. Depending on which range of sold boards we are in, the boards will be affected by aesthetic or visual effects only. What does this mean? We want to reward the first board buyers in the DChess world, therefore, we want to make this noticeable in a future available marketplace. A board purchased in pre-sale will have an special value for having a unique detail, visual or sound effect than a board of the same rarity that was purchased in a later sale.
Defects per board will increase by 10% per sales rank as detailed below:
  • Range 1: boards with 10% defect. (From 4,055 to 50,000 boards sold).
  • Range 2: boards with 20% defect. (From 50,001 to 150,000 boards sold).
  • Range 3: boards with 30% defect. (From 150,001 to 300,000 boards sold).
  • Range 4: boards with 40% defect. (From 300,001 to 500,000 boards sold).
  • Range 5: boards with 50% defect. (From 500.001 to 1.000.000 boards sold).
It is detailed that no board will have competitive or playability advantage over others for having been owned in a pre-sale or initial sale, only its price will be reflected in a future marketplace. The 1st generation boards can be purchased exclusively with the in-game currency KING.
The second way to obtain a board is through LOOTBOXES. These are second generation boards that can be obtained by purchasing a box that will give you a board through probabilities. It should be noted that the defects of the 2nd generation boards are respected according to the ranges of boards sold previously indicated. The 2st generation boards can be owned exclusively with KING.
75% of the KING collected from the sale of 1st generation and 2nd generation boards will be used for burning, while the remaining 25% will be used to finance the project.
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