Boards Presale
The first possibility that users will have to obtain a DCHESS board will be through the official NFTs pre-sale. This pre-sale will be available for several days during which anyone who wishes to can enter our hub to obtain a board in optimal conditions.
What will happen with those boards that were not sold in the pre-sale? These will be sold from Q1 2022 onwards with increasing levels of impurities in the board materials. Thus giving a special value to those boards that were purchased in advance.
The prices of each board according to its rarity:
Board presale dates:
  • 1° => Start October 23, 2021 - End October 31, 2021.
  • 2° => Start November 8, 2021 - End November 12, 2021.
Total boards sold in presales: 4,055 boards.
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