Decentralized Autonomous Organization
As previously mentioned, we aim at the decentralization of this sport, we believe that it has to be the users' population's destiny.
That is why we are introducing the DAO format powered by our QUEEN token. It will consist of a process divided in stages. To participate in the DAO the user must have his QUEEN tokens in staking within the platform, this will provide several benefits.
The voting power is subject (as a percentage) to the QUEENS that the user has in staking.
It is possible to delegate the right to vote, with the condition that a single person may not hold more than 20% of the total voting rights by proxy. If this person buys and holds the QUEEN, he/she will have the possibility of holding more than 20%, the condition only applies to the delegation of votes.
Proposals on structural reform of Tokenomics are vetoed, since it is the basis and foundation of the project.
Stage 1 (massive suggestion): When having QUEEN in staking, the user will be offered the possibility to make a change suggestion, which will need a 15% of approval from the community to advance to the next stage. In case of not getting the necessary support, the suggestion will be rejected.
Stage 2 (From suggestion to proposal): In case of getting 15% of approval, the community will be given 1 month to study the proposal, to advance to the next stage, the suggestion must be well developed and have 50% of approval from the community. If these items are not met, the suggestion will be rejected.
Stage 3 (Voting of proposals): A monthly vote will be held on the proposals that pass stage 2, of which the first 5 with the highest % of votes will be selected to move on to stage 4. The proposals that do not advance will be pending for the next vote.
Stage 4 (team feedback): The team will have 2 weeks to carry out an exhaustive study on the proposals selected by the community. After these 2 weeks, the team will give its vision on the proposal and the time it would take to implement it. In case the implementation of the proposal is not feasible, the team will give the reasons why its implementation is not possible and will update the wording of the proposal for its possible implementation in case it has an alternative that aims at the same objective. Once this situation has arisen, the proposal will return to stage 3 where it will be resubmitted for voting with its updated wording.
Stage 5 (Final selection of the DAO): Proposals that pass stage 4 will be voted on again if there are more than 3 proposals. The 3 proposals with the highest % of votes will advance to stage 6. The proposals that are not selected will return to stage 3, except that they already have the team's approval.
Stage 6 (Development): The proposal enters into development, deadlines for completion and progress monitoring are presented.
Disclaimer: A proposal can only be voted 3 times, if it does not pass the 3rd ballot it will be rejected.