Why DChess?

In DChess we visualize the potential of this untapped market, through a platform full of utilities, modalities and education we seek to stimulate a millennial market that until today was untapped.
Our main goal is to grow chess as an e-sport in a first stage, we aim towards this goal understanding the lack of incentive to dedicate time to this millenary sport, DChess will adopt a new competition platform model based on our token QUEEN with its limited supply model.
At the same time we are against the complications that the sport has today at the institutional level, the system proposed to add ELO points was very backward in time, thus making it impossible for most players to progress in their careers. In DChess we want to move forward building a chess platform that values the time you spend with us, governed by a DAO format in which the community chooses the path to follow, but always with a very clear objective, to stimulate chess as a sport and form of education.