Decentralized Chess

DCHESS is an original proposal on an already consecrated game, from the beginning we were struck by the absence of innovation on one of the most played games in the history of mankind: Chess.

From the 6th century A.D. to the present it has not suffered any changes, and that is something considerable and more than understandable. We do not intend to alter its mechanics or configurations, with DCHESS we propose a modern, reliable, and viable way in which the user -even the free one- can generate income playing chess.

DCHESS is a project designed and articulated under the philosophy of Play to Earn (P2E), so our interest revolves around quality in terms of user experience and their stay with us. Having the most expensive board does not make you a better player in real life, and we respect that to the letter. This is a classic chess game, with modern earnings.

As we have already mentioned, you do not need to invest initially to generate income, since it is a Free to Play game, but when you do so, you will see it reflected in your earnings per game won.

In DCHESS your time is worth, that's why we created this system that rewards your stay and your effort. Each player, each style is unique, and we offer you the possibility that your boards and pieces, in the future, will also be unique. This is why we are introducing a system of board rarities in which each board will automatically become a collectible and highly coveted item by the community.

Millions of people play chess every day around the world without generating income, just for entertainment. With DCHESS that reality changes, since we propose an economic model for this classic game but keeping the two original game modes: Classic and Blitz.

This WHITEPAPER details the nature and vision of the project for information purposes only and should not be taken as an offer of contract. The relationship between DChess and the user will be governed by the terms and conditions published in https://dchess.net/en/tyc/.

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