Board Farming

This mechanic can be applied by all those users who own a NFT board, the farming system gives the user the possibility of blocking boards from his catalog to obtain KING passively depending on their rarity.

This means that when the player is absent for a certain period of time (travel, vacation, illness, etc.), or has idle boards, he will have the possibility of placing them in a mode called: STAKING, in which they will remain blocked and cannot be used, since they will be generating a passive gain in KING according to their rarity.

To calculate the staking of the boards, the average KING gain values of each board were calculated according to its rarity in the predetermined range. To this value a staking of 15% was applied equally to each board, and finally, according to the board rarity, a percentage bonus was added. In the last column of the table, below, the daily profit value in KING per board is detailed, if it is decided to use the staking mode.

The STAKING is calculated with the gain of the default range of the board. If you upgrade the board and move up the range of the board, you will still have the same gain (as detailed in the image).

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