The Duels game mode is for those players who are not satisfied with the king obtained in the 5 daily coffees. Duels gives the possibility to those who wish to bet a certain amount of king and face another player who accepts the challenge to play a game.

The methodology consists in that a player creates a room and puts the amount of king he is willing to bet, a game ID is generated which must be sent to the opponent. The opponent must go to the duels section and join the room by entering the game ID.

When the 2 users confirm that they are ready, the amount wagered agreed by the users of each one is withdrawn, thus forming an accumulated total. The winner will receive 90% of this accumulated total, leaving 10% for king burning.

Example: User "A" creates a duel and bets 100 kings. He sends the game ID to user "B" who joins the waiting room where he sees against who he will duel, and the kings he must bet. When user "A" and "B" agree, they confirm that they are ready and the game begins. As they bet 100 king each, an accumulated amount of 200 king is created. User "A" ends up winning the game and receives 180 king (90% of the accumulated amount), thus recovering his bet of 100 king and getting 80 king from user "B". Leaving a remainder of 20 king to be burned.

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