1st Generation Boards

The NFTs of the Game

There are different boards determined by their rarity, which will determine your account rank when you start playing DCHESS, your daily PVP earnings, among others.

In DChess the rarities of the boards that make up the 1st Generation of boards are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Ruby and Yggdrasil.

In DCHESS there will be only 1 million NFT boards for the whole history, where 50% of these will correspond to the 1st generation of boards. It will be distributed as follows:

In addition to the NFT boards, the user will have access to and use of a generic board, which is not represented in an NFT, that will allow the user to play and participate in the Play to Earn dynamic. This generic board is free to use, although it allows to obtain benefits, and differs from the NFT boards by the rank assigned to the player holding the NFT board and by the amount of daily "coffees" assigned.

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