Through the DChess Marketplace, users who are holders of an NFT board, an individual piece, an object that is part of a collection, or another digital asset issued by DCHESS, will be able to offer and dispose of it.

Users who want to join DChess by obtaining an NFT board and have not been able to participate in a pre-sale or sale of boards, may also use this means adapting to the marketplace prices to obtain one.

Users who wish to offer the assets they own in the marketplace must accept the terms and conditions of the platform (, and log in with their access credentials. At the same time, they must accept the marketing conditions. 5% of the price of each sale made by a user in the marketplace will be collected by DCHESS and will be used as a KING burning system.

The marketplace will be active by Q1 in 2022 as stated in the roadmap.

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