Scholarship System

DCHESS offers the opportunity to grant NFT boards to other users. A user can grant a scholarship to another user only if he has at least one 1st or 2nd generation board. To grant a user is to authorize him to use an NFT board that has been previously acquired following the stipulations in this whitepaper, thus allowing him to play with the board granted to him.

By having one or more NFT boards in your possession you will be able to access this system where the owner of the NFT board will get the total of the profit produced by the scholarship holder, and then between the users the distribution percentages are agreed between owner and scholarship holder in a particular way, without DChess intervention. There will be no limit on the number of owned boards to grant, but it will be limited to 1 board per user, that is, you can not grant two NFT boards to the same person, nor the owner can play with two boards in possession. We remind you that the use of multi-accounts is forbidden (see The use of more than one account per IP address is allowed only if they are different persons and using different devices. In case of non-compliance with this rule, the account may be terminated or suspended.

In DChess we condemn the use of engines to affect the outcome of a game, and this also applies to scholarship holders, so if a violation of this rule is detected, the user will be removed or suspended (see This will also affect the NFT board, which in the first instance is a warning. If an infraction is detected a second time on the same board it will be destroyed.

Likewise, it is important to mention that, in the first warning, 50% of the KING produced by the scholarship holder will be destined for burning, something that will become 100% of the KING when this fault is repeated for the second and last time.

DChess is not responsible for non-compliance with: monthly percentage distribution agreements, payments not made or other aspects that have been agreed upon between the owners of the boards and their scholarship recipients.

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